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You are here: News / Best Lace Wig Introduction-lace front wigs,full lace wigs
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Best Lace Wig Introduction-lace front wigs,full lace wigs

Because of its convenience, even it’s expensive, but lace wig is still popular.

Lace Wig price depends on three factors, one is the hair, including the hair length, hair quality, hair style and hair density; second is the lace quality and the lace area, third is the handwork, the lace area is 100% handwork. Workers knit the hair to the lace piece by piece.

According to the cap difference, there are two types best lace wigs.

One is Full Lace Wig; its whole cap is lace. Let us analysis according to the above price-determine factors. In Bliss Hair, the Lace is Swiss net, which is flexible than other lace. We use Virgin Hair to produce lace wig. Because Virgin Hair is unprocessed, it’s stronger. When sew to the lace, it will not shed and tangle. At the same time, Virgin Hair, you can dye the color again. There are baby hairs around the perimeter, which will looks more natural when you wear it. The density is 130%, other density can be customized. There are 3 cap sizes, small, medium and big. Unless people ordered specially, Bliss Hair offers the medium size one. The cap is designed based on the human head; it will attach to the user’s head very well. For most of suppliers, we will have straight in stock. For other style, like body, deep, it will cost 3-4 days for restyling. At the same time, we accept client’s offered style. Here is the picture for lace wig.  

glueless full lace wigs

The other one is Lace Front Wig, which means only the front part is lace, the rest is machine made. Normally, there are 1.5’’ and 3’’ lace front wigs cheap. That means the area of the lace area. According to the price-determine factors, compared with Full Lace Wig, the lace area of Lace Front Wig is smaller, so if the same length, same quality hair, the price for Lace Front Wig will be lower than Full Lace Wig. But Full Lace Wig is more comfortable for wearing. The back part of our Lace Front Wig is covered by net. So the machine sew part will be covered inside and looks neat. Clients also ask us about glueless full lace wigs. There is Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig for Glueless Wig. The point is that there are clips and elastic band on the cap, so people don’t have to use glue to attach the wig to someone’s head.  The stock for Lace wig in Bliss is Straight Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig. We will restyle other styles according to customer’s orders. But for Glueless Wig, we accept only customized order. It will cost 30 days for production.