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You are here: News / Best Virgin Hair Outlet For You
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Best Virgin Hair Outlet For You

Adhere to company principle "Insisting the quality, leading the trend", Bliss supplies different classes of Best Virgin Hair.

As we all know, Virgin Hair means the hair has never been treated by chemical, so we divided the our Virgin Hair into 5 groups.

Platinum Remy, Virgin Peruvian Hair, Virgin Malaysian Hair, Brazilian Virgin Hair and Virgin Mongolian Hair.

Platinum Remy is the same quality as Sensational Alexander, which is called as the best hair in the world. We selected the best 5% from the raw material. It's healthy and long-lasting. Because it's single drawl, all the hair is the same length, which makes sure the hair is very full. Since it's naturally remy hair, so the cuticles are all preserved and aligned in the same direction. In that case, this hair is 100% tangle free and shedding free. It's natural color, of course, you can dye, bleach and perm it freely. The lightest color, you can bleach is 613. The most moving style in this quality is Funmi Hair, which has the features of bouncy, and the curl can keep for a long time. But in South Africa, Straight is more popular.

Virgin Peruvian Hair is a new item among these Virgin Hair, which we collected the raw material from a single donor. It's resourced in China. Because of the territory difference, Chinese hair is stronger and thicker than other hair like Indian, Cambodian. But it's more silky and durable. Now, we have Straight in Stock.

Virgin Malaysian Hair and Virgin Brazilian Hair are the most popular items among the general market because of the competitive price and the good quality. The raw material of this two are also collected from one donor, however, there are from different district. Virgin Malaysian Hair is comparatively stronger and thicker than Virgin Brazilian Hair. If you prefer soft texture, Virgin Brazilian Hair is your choice. But if you prefer stronger texture, I will recommend you Virgin Peruvian Hair and Virgin Malaysian Hair.

Virgin Mongolian Hair is the one we called as the cheap Virgin Hair. In some areas of the world, so people cannot afford a high price one, so we produce this quality to meet their demands for Virgin Hair but at a cheap price. However, it's still good quality. One of our Turkey customers, he took 600pcs at the first time, and did dying test in our office. It accepts dying very well. And in our Nigeria Branch, we sell it as Bliss Packaged Hair, they consume more than 10,000pcs in one week. It helps us to gain the reputation in our Nigeria Branch. And now, Bliss Gold Virgin Advertisement is showing in Nigeria National Broadcast.

This brazilian hair weave above offers varieties to the market. Supplying hair to the market is not our ultimate aim, people who use the hair can enjoy it is the final pursuit.