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You are here: News / Different types of hair extensions online
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Different types of hair extensions online

Remy hair is the best quality on the market. Do not remove the cuticle and remain aligned in one direction. Most human hair extensions sold in the market through a process called pickling acid bath cuticle . Then , a silicone is placed to give the shine and smooth appearance. This silicone vanishes when the hair is washed , so the cuticles are disturbed and return to its natural state , confusing and dull hair easily . Remy hair is popular because it does not mat or tangle because all the cuticles are aligned and intact without the use of silicone or treatment .

Indian hair is thicker than European hair thread , but thinner than a Chinese human hair , which is what makes it so popular for extensions because it is easier to blend with your natural hair.

Virgin hair Peru and Malaysia , our range is superior virgin hair is very soft, shiny and unique. While wearing that occur without crushing and tangle .

Virgin hair is not processed or chemically treated in any way. And '100 percent natural , so there is no damage to the cuticle , which protects from the elements . This pure form is a healthy and vibrant , you can see and feel. Extensions virgins are naturally soft and beautiful . Be respected absolutely sure that all cuticles run in the same direction to prevent tangling .

Brazilian Virgin hair comes from donors in Brazil and is in its natural state. Brazilian hair is very strong and after frequent washing can be used without shedding or tangling .

Brazilian hair is the exotic range of Virgin hair . For those who aspire to this juicy South America.

Peruvian virgin hair is the market leader today. These extensions are very popular among celebrity stylist . It is a sustained performance of more than a year so it is a great investment . Peruvian hair Peruvian women who care about helping their incredible natural herbs. Herbs that help to illuminate is an amazing natural splendor.

The hair is in its natural state as it comes from a single donor and are not processed or chemically treated , so it is only natural colors , a color tone dark brown 1B .

Peruvian Hair and Malaysia on the market are fairly new, but is gaining much popularity in the hair industry . Get more different types of hair extensions click here!