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You are here: News / Do you know why hunman hair for wigs or extensions to choose?
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Do you know why hunman hair for wigs or extensions to choose?

if you get a wig or hair extensions type should you buy ? While synthetic hair probably has many advantages , the edge in a fun , new look , the Super Lite for a natural look that much better with human hair.It can be a little " cost more, but buying human virgin remy hair . Remy hair has lost its cuticle, and naturally in the stream is not even direction.If Remy could be a plastic coating that does not give the protection of natural hair, your hair cuticle.Virgin was never treated with cemicals , so that the color, texture and the amount of curl or wave is completely natural.If is not a virgin , you can be dyed before buying it.Once makes remy virgin hair to buy , it is treated as you wish, washing , dyeing , straightening or curling not affect most of your own natural hair . It will not be as difficult as synthetic hair , so it will be comfortable to wear and look more natural when the wind blows through the same cuticle care for their condition and shine and natural color only fade.Synthetic never fade hair is coated with silicone over time , so you . your hair with a rough feeling and what is much more likely tangling.Its also fade the color, as the months pass Types of human hair Haii for wigs and extensions are classified by country of origin and the most popular types are quality.The India , Malaysia, Brazil and Europe. Asian hair is still dark and thick.Hair India often has a gentle wave , while the shape of the Malaysiz hair ,brazilian hair weave, but just be softer and sikier . Hair brazilin South America is soft, dense and wavy.The the difference lies in the variety of colors and shades that you can get from this part of the world . European hair has the largest variety of colors and textures.Usually originating in Italy or Russia , these hairs can be found in all shades of blonde, brunette or redhead.It be as straight, wavy or curly . The use of a wig or hairpiece . People choose to wear a wig to cover more reasons.Sometimes is hair loss after a health problem , a wig can also help recovery in such a case , if the patient is depressed abount women EPM looks. Some I just wanna play changes and a different look for special occasions or on different days of week.Others keep a wig for the inevitable bad days happen occasionally hair. 5A best virgin brazilian hair Pieces of hair extension hair are very popular these days women have difficulty growing their hair or have the patience to attach the extensions that are waiting to suit your own hair and can play changes as if she had lost her hair. may take longer , plain or inflatable , simply stack on a bun , formal , or make it more romantic with pinnate fronds and tufts escape any face.There is an almost endless long hair that can be variery or worn down . A difference in the world If you buy a human hair wig or extensions, it is not only that benefits.You perpetuate demand hair.That means that the buyer continues to attract the poorest villages in countries where human hair women supplement the family income by selling his long virgin hair health . Someone else will have a boost a meager salary , because the hair you have to buy, could be replaced in a inventory.It action means that some children hungry bellies is a good reason filled.That s' that any human hair wig purchase or extensions.