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You are here: News / Hair Extensions: What is Remi hair , and other issues
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Hair Extensions: What is Remi hair , and other issues

When it comes to hair extensions, many terms are often confused thrown around. If you have done any research on hair extensions individual Remi , India vs European virgin hair , stretch, and duplex - drawn. In this article , no questions are possible to clarify about these terms and decide which hair extensions are right for you and / or your clients .

What is Remi Hair ?

The term Remi (or Remy ) refers to the 100% human hair is the best quality hair extensions available . Although this term has had too much in recent years , remy hair was collected from the first time that it is necessary to ensure that the cuticles are aligned in one direction. This distinction is important because if the cuticles are not aligned and running in the same direction as the extensions are not - Remi , an inferior product . Furthermore , no thread - Remi are in an acid bath for the treatment of bands cuticles , leaving the most vulnerable to damage of the hair. The wires may initially appear smooth and shiny to the naked eye , but after washing will be more likely to tangle and mat. If no thread - Remi used in an application for permanent chain hot melt , the result would be that the extensions rub the hair cuticle , creating curl and participation.

It is important to emphasize that the Remi hair can be virgin or not to classify a virgin . There are two main differences between Virgin Hair and not - Virgin - Treatment and Costs .

What is the difference between virgin and not hair - virgin ?

- To the Virgin was colored or perhaps a different chemical treatment , such as the duration - No Hair

- Virgin hair never dyed or chemically altered in any way, what is desirable and more expensive

Absent - When considering extensions you choose for yourself or for your clients , an important distinction between single and double it should be.

What exactly is a single or double - hair pulled ?

The hair pulled contains hairs of different length and has a lot of short hair often. If you buy 18 "strands are simple - the book , you will notice that the last 3-4 " are thin and sparse . Some call this hairstyle "pre -cut" .

Double - book has been selected twice for long hair with her hand. The result is beautiful hair with the direction of the cuticle, which is the same length from end to end . This additional step in the classification of extensions of products that are more desirable for beautiful enlargements .

Why Indian hair ?

Most of India Remi hair is very popular for its excellent quality and tensile strength. Indian hair is more desirable " hair of the temple. " In India , this hairstyle is often given to the temple and presented as Hindu gods gratitude for happiness. While European hair is thinner and Chinese hair is usually thicker, Indian Remy Hair is the most popular for their durability and compatibility with European structure .

Remy is now in Brazil, Europe and Russia. However, we are aware that many vendors hurt the origin and quality of their products. The hair can easily change the structure of the curvature of Brazil, for example , coated or hide similar damage .

Like many other things in life , always remember that the hair products that you get what you pay for. If you look at the extensions Remi is much cheaper than others in a similar market , has reason to be cautious. We recommend that brands and companies that are well known for selling quality . In other words, do your research , you can ratings and reviews , and talking to Remi hair extension wholesalers in person , if possible. Must be available and would like to respond to all your questions best hair extensions.