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You are here: News / How do I know if it is true virgin remy hair
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How do I know if it is true virgin remy hair

With so many brands , so the Virgin Remy hair and trademark of high price, it is important to say that in the situation, if the hair you purchase is truly 100 % Human Hair Virgin Remy , be entitled.

At the lowest level , the term " Remy " is used to describe hair that has been selected individual donors root end . The cuticle remains intact and each hair has an address. Remy hair is often referred to as " cuticle of the hair ." In its simplest form , "virgin" , describes hair that has not been treated . And ' free of chemicals such as straightening , perms, silicones, coatings and dyes. Virgin Remy is the purest form : a combination of processed hair cuticles intact.

Let me say that if you buy the hair in a beauty salon, buy authentic non home of Virgin Remy hair. Although an accurate description of the color as # 2 or # 1B do not buy hair , buy Virgin Remy real hair . From Virgin Remy hair is not chemically treated or color. It 'available in black brown and natural. Color labels in a bundle of hair, and treated as signed or color.

This leads me to one of the first real opportunities to say virgin remy hair color . The color of the Virgin Indian Remy is the natural color of the hair donor . While this is a series of natural black and brown , it is often a half brown is often easier than the store bought designation # 1B . Also, the color is not uniform across the beam . There will be several natural sites at the same time lighter and darker than the color of the earth. In addition, generally wisps of gray hair around the package .

The second way to ensure that you are buying authentic indian virgin remy hair: the quality and texture of the hair. Virgin Remy hair is not silky or right. It has a thick, Yaki - like getting married and more like women of color . The non-virgin hair is often treated with silicone rectifier and a chemical covered . This is often a feeling silky and straight too. If you do not run your fingers through virgin hair , you can often hear the ' extra layer .

An important test of the authenticity of the hair is the way it reacts when wet. Non-virgin hair often becomes heavy when wet. Virgin hair back its model wave curly when wet or natural. And during drying is often brighter or lighter than it was when dry. This is often due to dirt and product buildup was removed when it is wet. It ' important to remember that just because your hair is wavy or curly when wet, does not mean that it is virgin Remy hair . There are a number of lines that have wet and wavy , which is neither virgin Remy hair.

In conclusion, the virgin remy hair a great investment. Its natural luster and texture blend seamlessly with most types of natural hair. They also offer the versatility and quality that is unmatched in any other form of hair. Maintenance , it may take up to a month with no mats or tangles. If you spend the money to make this purchase , but it is important to ensure that you are getting authentic virgin Indian Remy hair .