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You are here: News / Information on different types of hair extensions
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Information on different types of hair extensions

Hair extensions are in the 21st century , very popular among women. They help women change their look simple to enhance the durability and appearance of your hair. They are available in a wide range of colors, length and quality. They can also be very expensive or very cheap . Hair extensions are used by women of all ages , from teenagers to older women . Today, women can choose also obtained for wigs made from real human air , women all over the world.

The different types of hair extensions have their advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to its characteristics , you can find the one that suits you . You also need to consider when you are looking for a temporary solution or a permanent improvement of the hair, so you can restrict your search . Some of the most popular hair extensions and their advantages and disadvantages are:

A. Clip-In

The various advantages and disadvantages of clip in hair extensions are:


It 's simple , hair , or wear as they come with brackets ( clip);

Not necessary for the practice ;

They are ideal for special occasions , since they can be placed at once ;

These extensions are the cheapest.


Hairstyles that can be done with these extensions are limited;

They can cause hair loss, and will not last long ;

There are natural and are very rigid ;

Clips ( bands ) are very visible .

According to the seam

The various advantages and disadvantages of sewing extensions are:


You do not have to damage your hair ;

They look very natural ;

They are not very visible , and offer a good volume.


You can get caught when they are in poor condition ;

It can cause pain during the first few days after installation;

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third fusion

The various advantages and disadvantages of fusion hair extensions are as follows


When a message is placed another, its motion is similar to that of natural hair ;

They are very difficult to observe;

They look very natural ;

If you have not applied with keratin damage hair ;

They help to increase the length and volume of hair ;

They can be used for almost all types of hairstyles.


Registration only takes a couple of hours ;

They can not be applied and removed by a professional as it requires special tools ;

You need more care than other parts of the hair;

There are many precautions when bathing to abide by these extensions .

Fourth Ring Micro

The various advantages and disadvantages of micro ring hair extensions are as follows


No damage to hair ;

They look very natural ;

Offer natural movement of the hair;

Hairstyles that you can get are endless because they are natural .


Not recommended for very short hair , because the micro- rings are becoming more and more visible ;

Not recommended for people with very fine hair and rings.

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