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You are here: News / Remy Hair Extensions - 10 Things to Consider Before Buying
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Remy Hair Extensions - 10 Things to Consider Before Buying

In the footsteps of famous actresses , models and media personalities , the number of women increasingly discovering the benefits of Remy hair extensions and Remy weaves over other types of human and synthetic hair. Asked As with other new products and services , the international market is now with many brands of hair extensions and options weaving hair flooded . For those considering buying Remy hair extensions and Remy hair weaves for the first time , here is a list of considerations before purchasing your Remy hair .

First Know your product

Remy hair is better than synthetic hair and other types of human hair extensions for five reasons : Natural luster and shine , softness, strength and durability. Remy hair is superior due to the fact that the hair cuticle aligned , ie all the hair in the same direction . Cuticle aligned hair reflects light in a particular way , it is easier to maintain and style and is less prone to tangles and mats.

2.make your own hair is in good condition

It is well documented that " the continued use of hair extensions can cause damage to your hair , scalp and hair follicles . It is important to ensure that your hair and scalp are in good condition before you choose to add Remy hair extensions , weaves , pre- Tip - tied or clip -ins If you use the method of attack Sew then make sure that your hair is strong and healthy, and about 2 "long .. Square, until you enter the six-month period , your own hair and scalp a rest removing all tissues sewing for at least a period of 2 weeks. If your choice of attachment is bonding then ensure that your hair is thinning and not more than 3 " long before they tied How to Sew tissues. - In if you are using for a long time , the plan ends before related , you also need your own hair a break at regular intervals.

3.Choose a length that is right for you

Few celebrities fashion or hair style gurus or the latest magazines showed the best way to have a length that is right for you is to take a long hard look at yourself and choose to decipher exactly what style suits you best fit your fitness, and face.

4.Choose style wisely

As above , choose your style is a very personal matter and should include verification of your lifestyle, your tastes , desires and occupation . While fashion is ever-changing the best form of style is one that is unique and individual. Also in this case , choosing a style , consider your size , body type , face shape , skin color and eye goodbye - coloring.

5.Know quality Remy

Be sure and practice, to distinguish a true Remy extension product from a product " - human hair, " as Remy extensions disguise. But with a little practice and a few guidelines that you need to avoid to be able to come to distributors Quack conflict.

Firstly, Remy hair is very soft to the touch, it feels fluid and extends fingers like water . It has a high gloss and shine, but does not seem to wax (typical telltale sign of synthetic hair).

Secondly, Remy hair is divided into two main categories: Virgin ( non-colored and non-processed) Remy and Non- Virgin ( colored and / or processed ) Remy hair.

Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

According to the donor hair extensions Remy is straight, wavy or curly . Virgin Remy Hair Extensions come from all over the world, including Europe , China , Malaysia and Brazil, but the vast majority of Virgin Remy hair is from India. Depending on where you get your hair, you notice that your hair has different characteristics by ethnic differences of each region.

Virgin Remy extensions are not

No - Virgin Remy hair and can be either simply colored or it can also be transformed into a number of different wavy or curly textures including the Yaki texture , texture body wave , deep wave texture etc enlarge

Ratio Hair

Another key resource optimization is understanding what hair ratio you are purchasing. Remy extensions can not be deleted - if the hair is drawn with different lengths or two - where all the hair is more or less the same length. With double drawn hair "effect is hair , increased body and looks was full. However, it is worth noting that if your final hair style is a feathered or layered look , alleging buy one Remy Hair may be appropriate and cost effective.

6.Choosing provider wisdom

With the explosion in demand for Remy hair extension also has an explosion suppliers assert they provide authentic Remy hair . As Remy hair extension are high quality products in hair extensions ( demanding top price range) then you should be good to make you look familiar with Remy extensions , feel in the hand and when you answer made brush. If it happens that the choice of hair extension is Virgin Remy , then you must be aware of how scarcity might affect the price. For example, if you get a " winding copper / red spiral or 24" honey blonde deep wave 20 of these types of Remy will be provided by Brazil or Europe, so it will be more expensive than the 16 " dark brown straight its most common Remy Virgin provided by India , China and Malaysia. Finally know about the different types of Remy and their availability , scarcity and subsequent price.

7.Choosing your application method - clip -ins , sew in discussions or advice before - stuck

His method of applying your lifestyle and the style needed. For example, if you are simply looking intermediate solutions that offer a style more in length , thickness or a flash of color and his hair more than 5 "long then simple clip in hair could be the solution. Yet, if you are looking for a permanent solution can be stored for several months and then sewn into a weft or pre-bonded tips may be the best option.

8.Choosing your stylist wisdom

Once you have chosen your style, color and application method , choosing a professional hairdresser and an expert is essential to beautiful hair extension Remy . In addition to the extensions Remy clip that can be applied at home, it is important that the stylist you are not only the application of extensions or tissues Remy , but the maintenance and health of your hair and remove or replace its timely extension. A good designer does not only applies the extensions but is able to further customize them into a unique and personal expression.

9.Caring for your Remy extensions and replacing

You must take care of your appearance Remy extensions are addressed . Should include care for sweet Remy extensions, combing or brushing on a daily basis , wrapping or plaiting, washing and conditioning . The use of heaters must be done with care and your used only occasionally.

10.A last word

Remy hair extensions have become very popular because of the unique appearance and styles that can be obtained and the longevity of the product . Although a little more expensive than other human hair products and substantially more expensive than synthetic products , Remy hair extensions , if it is well maintained lasts longer than other extensions and effective solutions offer for hair and beauty make wise investment.