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You are here: News / Remy hair extensions how long they last ?
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Remy hair extensions how long they last ?

If the decision of women to buy remy hair extensions can be sure of about 12 months with proper care . Although hair extensions are pure Indian Remy hair best quality and quality in the world, there are several procedures wife must respect in order to maximize the life of your hair. First, be sure to use skin care products suited for your hair. The list of products , shampoo, conditioner and thermal spray protective .

The next step is to answer the question of how much time to educate yourself about this amazing hair extensions. It is a procedure to have the highest quality hair should be followed. The hair is first sterilized , colored, permanent and sometimes before it is created in the enlargements. Because these hair extensions do not have the hair brushes dry natural protective oils that can clarify and through time. Finally, Remy hair extensions need to be replaced , but their life expectancy is much longer than synthetic hair.

Certain atmospheric conditions may also be an influential role in how long the hair quality Virgin Indian Remy Hair past. For example , for a long time high levels of exposure to moisture of the hair, the ability to influence to reflect light , which affects the brightness . Specific activities such as swimming , exposure to chlorine can also affect hair extensions Remy hair last long . As mentioned earlier , the use of products for hair care is essential if a woman wants to extend the life of the extensions necessary .

The many factors that play a role in quality Indian virgin hair health , vary from one woman to another . However , in clinical studies and in the writings of consumer reviews, has reported this type of beauty products, with an average duration of 12 months. There are also women who get up to 14 months with extensions , but these quotes are not considered warranty. A company that sells hair extensions Remy , can not guarantee a certain number of days spent extensions , and consumers should be wary of companies that do. However, in general , the average life of these extensions are a good investment for women who want to buy.