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You are here: News / Remy indian hair extensions tips for you
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Remy indian hair extensions tips for you

Now , only from this article, you should know that Remy hair is the hair of the best quality you can buy. Many people try to sell you as a European or Brazilian standalone product, while its Indian Virgin Remy hair ! You have a few options when it comes to how to "wear" Remy Hair. It is possible to get hair extensions , wigs hair extensions clip, clip hair product or you can even get a hair weave made ​​from Remy . In this case, we will discuss all of the above , minus the wig.

When you get a wig maintenance process while Remy is completely different, especially because it is a "piece" you have to take off. With extensions, weaves and hair clip becomes a part of your hair. You will not take off .. at all if it is a clip, and although it is still a part of you , instead of a wig. To maintain this look and feel as real as it does , it is necessary to take steps to do so. There is a lot of work as the wig - remember , this is now his hair. So treat it as if it were like real hair !

- First, make sure you keep washing - should be every day or every two days . All that is best for your hair type the " Remy . This hair is incredibly soft and silky. Could use a normal shampoo and conditioner that you want in any store or go a bit ' more expensive and buy a sedan. The same is true, however, the kind of life is much better for your hair! When you wash your hair, try not to use hot water as you normally would. Boil water can damage the cuticle.

- Second, you want to rinse the shampoo with water and put conditioner in it. Make sure you use enough lotion to cover all strands of hair . Device for conditioning air as usual be left for about 10 minutes . Once you wash the conditioner , it is time to strengthen the hair . Try using a deep conditioner that coconut milk or protein in it. It is important to make a deep conditioning at least once a week .

- Third,make sure that every morning combing her hair - do not brush . Get it from bottom to top . This will prevent the hair from tangling or matting .

- Fourth,  once the hair is dry , you can do your normal routine. This includes gel, mousse , curling, etc. 'S YOUR hair. Use it as you normally would . You can also use hairspray if necessary, make sure it is not the extra strength. Frankly , this hair is probably one of the most docile . So really should not have any problems with it.

- Fifth, make sure when you go to bed at night in her hair position . You can sleep in, but depending on how you sleep at night , you might find yourself with a couple of tangles in the hair. Make sure not to sleep on wet or you will end up with his brother Remy hair paste the morning!

In addition, for any of you ask, it is good to swim with the hair / head. However, some people suggest that braid your hair before swimming , which prevents tangling. Make sure if you go swimming , you must be in the pool or in any other manner that always shampoo and condition after so you can be kept clean and chemicals got into the hair , especially the pool chlorine , not to spoil the cuticles or even hair!

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