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You are here: News / The difference between Remy hair and Virgin hair
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The difference between Remy hair and Virgin hair

Wigs can now as a fashion staple among those who are in the entertainment industry . Found in film , music and dance , now is an accessory that many people claim an innovation of hair. Much like the traditional wigs , the quality of these wigs is much less.

They look and feel like real hair, not synthetic plastic frame that you get when you play a regular wig .

Prices vary depending on how they are constructed. Usually made of virgin hair, but it is also a kind of synthesis , which is much cheaper. There are different types of hair , depending on where they are . Position of the dispensing head is made , which ensures that the purely human hair is carefully attached to an upper portion of the mesh. Rates vary from best virgin brazilian hair, Malaysia , India, Europe and so on.

Many people are confused with the difference between indian remy hair weave and Virgin hair . You will find many of these wigs remy virgin or tagged , but you do not really know what kind of hair is it? The description is in the name. Untreated hair intact virgin or directly from a hair of head donor. These dyed hair is not very natural or steam in any way. Remy hair instead , it is a hair cutically aligned can be treated in some way. Each hair cuticle aligned uniformly , so that the plot of the battery decreases. Remy, a hair color , or you can try to achieve a certain style .

It all depends on your staff that you think suits you preference . The budget is also a factor to consider when buying lace wigs. Due to the endemic power that we have, you can easily find a specialist hair in your area , or better yet trade through the Internet for a more convenient way . Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate vendor to buy online , so you can be sure to get your money. We know now how to play against fraud in the cyber world . Before you buy , you must factors that you look for in a single list. Consider the length, color and style , what ever you want to try to achieve. You can try to play with these aspects of your computer with your photo to give you an idea of ​​how you look.