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You are here: News / what is indian remy hair
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what is indian remy hair

All the many alternative hair extensions can be surprising , especially if you happen to be a newcomer to the hair extension seam in woven fabrics and extensions. The upper right corner of selection in the premium price tag is difficult due to the fact that there are many companies on the internet with little data on this subject . You can have heard that human hair extensions are favored by the fact that the normal way of solution. Human hair is completely natural and are guaranteed to last longer offered by the cuticle , or otherwise stop me often as the root of hair identified is fully intact.

Virgin Indian hair is hair that is left untreated, unprocessed, and quite normal. After the temple ceremony , the hair is washed to be as hygienic as possible. This is considered as virgin hair. Remy hair is often not virgin hair, virgin hair has been colored or in any fast way to get rid of the cuticle , is chemically treated as Remy known. Keyowrd can in the fall on the quality of hair "premium" in terms of being anxious. Remy cuticle intact and running in the same direction " unidirectional cuticle " to prevent confusion. The cuticle protects the hair from damage, such as tangles and mats. Hair cuticle to its natural aspect of light production , silky , tangle and no cost. Many men and women are sure of the correctness means Remy . Remy means that the hair is chemically treated or processed . Not the same as virgin hair.

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Indian hair has its own inherent advantages: it is both thin and strong. This is given by the women in India as a kind of sacrifice to God during prayer . Indian women donate their hair to God in the large commercial units happen to them . For example, a woman in India to pray or hope to be sick, pregnant to God in the event of a loved one. If the precious escapes his illness or if a woman becomes pregnant, they assume that God will answer your prayers . The girl then go to the temple as a thank you to donate their hair to God. The act of shaving the head symbolizes the outpouring of the vanity of man, it is considered a very common ritual in Indian culture .

People who do not have malicious comment to this market, it is a must to be considered for a long time before the people , the hair, which is nice and comfort want to have available for them .