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You are here: News / Where To Buy Real Human Hair
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Where To Buy Real Human Hair

Where To Buy Real Human Hair

I believe that are many many women and hair sellers always disturbing by the same question-where to buy real human hair. About this questions, you must need to full your knowledge of the human hair, especially about which process it have been done from the hair received to the hair come out of the factory.

1.what is human hair weave ?
The human hair is mean a hair weave that made 100% by the real hair the cutted or natural dropped from a real human head. They have all the same attributes of the real hair on someone's hair. However the human hair weave must can keep in good condition as the growing hair, because the growing hair can get enough nutrition from the human body, which can make it keeping in a good condition to not being tangle and shedding. About the hair weave, if the hair were cut from a young girl, that mean the hair will more health and strong that that hair received from a old woman dropped. So that also have a name of Virgin Hair for the young girl hair which is a very good quality hair but price also very high.

2.where are the mostly hair material come from ?
That is a very funny joke, in the whole world market, all of the people seperate the hair by a country name, such as Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Indian hair and etc. However, in fact many human hair factory are from China, Indian and Vietnam, are they really get the material from a place that so far away from there country ? No, most of the hair material are come from Asian Women, such as Chinese Indian, Vietnamese, Mongolian and others counties around these counties. Like the Bliss Hair, their hair are come from Indian,Chinese and Bangladesh. So now, after know that you can get a very important point is that you can't judge a human hair weave weather it is good quality or not good. Because they maybe just the come from the same human.

3. where to buy the real human hair ?
Many factory and hair shop, online shops like Aliexpress, Amazon state that they are selling the 100% human hair. Because that is not an official standard to judge a hair is a 100% human hair. So many company will mix some Fiber into the human hair, which can make the cost cheaper. So if you really want to by a real human hair, you have to go to there factory, walk into their workroom to see, to touch and test their material. Before your the goods come out, spend some money to make a quality check, promise that is 100% human hair. In China, that are three place which are major product the real human hair. Qingdao, Henan and the Shaoyang, the factory of Bliss Hair is in the Shaoyang,Hunan.