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You are here: News / Where to buy the best hair extensions
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Where to buy the best hair extensions

What are the best hair extensions?

Buy best hair extensions can be very confusing , difficult and time consuming , and buy the wrong type , or coated or treated hair can be a very costly mistake .

With more and more women around the world for love and sometimes need the help of extensions , I felt more than ever, to explain the basics , buying quality hair extensions to help women to be better informed and able to understand the industry of hair extensions to make decisions about the information and stop wasting time and money on hair extensions and methods of inferior quality or application.

They have great hair extensions are amazing and can even a life that has struggled with thin or soft curls or simply do not grow long and lush want to change , hair extensions can offer the best solution to your hair problems .

I have first hand knowledge of the application of methods , procedures and sources of treatment and after 14 years as an extension and big head coach in all modes of fixation artist , I 'd like to share to help the degree of in-depth knowledge , acquire extensions of your dreams , so they do not get tangled too painful concern for the damage to your hair extensions or hair or shoddy little more comfortable !

So , for starters. I've broken this article into several major categories . Please read carefully the steps . This will help to inform you and help you ask the right questions when buying hair extensions dealer.

Get more information about where you are your hair extensions REALLY !

Can I visit PROVIDER ? Do you know that many of your provider artist / extension ?

Are you really comfortable handing hundreds of dollars to someone who you know you are "hope" is a good product to sell?

Please do not think that the error only if you give a hair sample , it means that your hair will be fine in the future to make you buy ... many vendors have the advantage of a good hair samples and then send them shabby after a warrant. You have to really see different packages in the first place , in order to ensure high quality hair on a regular basis is ... especially if you're purchasing the long term.


You can visit the suppliers?

Make sure your hair extensions vendor / artist has a policy of " open doors" . Even if they are too ... to visit ... So the public to see before buying hair?

You can view the different types of hair before you buy ?

Do you have examples of non - Remy and Remy human hair to prove that you're 100% sure that the product you sell is real ?

Yes, I know that all these efforts seem much, but it is important , especially if you buy regularly or hair extensions.

If the provider is behind a website ... You can be sure that they have something to hide

Russian and European Hair Category

The growth of hair extensions is a difficult task. Women and men to grow their hair should follow a special diet to ensure that your hair healthy , well fed and be better .


What is the origin of the hair ?

Degree of Russian and European hair can come from any country in which it collects the structure of the hair you want. It 's just impossible that all supplies of European and Russian hair comes from one or two regions , therefore, that the words of Russian and European hair , once were exclusive of the land is now a vague term supports human hair with l ' consumer goods industry of hair extensions.

Extensions Bestsellers blond hair is extremely expensive and simply out of reach because of the growing demand for hair extensions in the years of resentment , the extensions are so long natural blonde hair very difficult to find, so we can assume that almost all colors hair lighter sold some clarifications and treatment to achieve the desired color.

European hair is available in a variety of textures in straight, wavy curly . Because of the difference in structure of the hair with the most people is supported, but not to work with different hair textures , such as Africa or Asia.

Russian and European Hair for sale can come from almost every country in which a thin cross section of the hair is . The colors are generally medium to dark brown color and light , if necessary. Human hair is much softer and healthier if you do not deal with aggressive bathroom shaving back the cuticles acids .

Asian hair

Asian hair is usually thick, straight and thick. Because it is very strong and straight, it can be very difficult to manage and , for this reason, the Asian hair can be removed in an acid bath cuticle smaller to maintain a hair style is the end .. . However, this property of very damaged hair , stressing the need , the cuticle exposed silicon. However, if the silicone washed a couple of washes of the cuticle is exposed and damaged hair entanglement , mats and becomes opaque immediately after extraction uncontrolled and therefore requires supplementation hair . Since hair synthetic fiber is often made in Asia , we see the emergence of heat-resistant synthetic fiber mixed with human hair ... be much more affordable than ever , leading to matting and tangles and problems trying to straighten their hair.

Indian hair

Sacrificing Pilgrimage Indian hair hair to Lord Vishnu in a process called tonsure . The hair is sorted, washed and stained for marketing. Often, people in India have no idea what they were deceived in their hair , so they can be sold at a premium to use and then shipped and sold in western countries " hair extensions. This was the cause of some controversy, and many people now refuse , Indian hair , based on sale for ethical reasons.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing demand in hair extensions Indian hair is often associated with and / or synthetic hair for unequal treatment.

Very often it happens ( as the documentation on " A Current Affair ") has recently described . Indian hair has become very difficult to buy with confidence, as often ends tangles and mats , because the hair is mixed , and a cuticle something wrong .

Therefore , it is better if possible 100% human hair or European Russia purchase if they have a European structure .

If you are of Asian origin always choose hair 100% Asian , that has not been processed - so you should ask for " virgin Asian hair , you will notice that the cuticle is thick enough, and this means that it is intact and I'm not crazy deducted ..

If you are of Indian decent , select the hair " virgin " option 100% Indian remy hair has the same structure as your own hair . You must be sure that it is not mixed with foreign matter, before purchasing .

phase 3

This is Remy Hair ?

The next crucial step for the purchase of hair extensions is that if remy .

The first step to determine if the hair extensions are really Remy Remy with cuticle and root willing to tip, to examine the roots , the mid - shaft and ends of the hair fiber . And ' quite normal that the cuticles are missing or worn near the ends of the strands of hair , but to be thick and healthy in the vicinity of the roots .

You can be in a house and thinking ... so the hair is super cheap and not likely remy ... but it should be fine ... You need to provide a little ' more ... or ? ... wrong!

The worst nightmare of Non-Remy , and a girl who never wants to be treated ourselves .

In the first place , before it disappeared the silicone coating ... They are easier to handle ... but after a few washes , the current state of the hair revealed. You confuse and Mat terrible !

After the silicone coating is dissolved, you will never be able to do ... and maybe if you do not move an inch. If there is a movement ... will be updated as the velcro and become a tangle .

Now you understand that you are never going to buy remy hair ...

It 's simple ... just ask for remy hair ... or ? Well, unfortunately , the majority of retailers Hair Extension today simply have no idea what they sell and are not themselves directly involved in the World Trade hair .

Sellers often have little or no experience in caring for the hair extension, application and processing methods and the lack of knowledge of the true origin of theair itself.

Companies often unskilled and inexperienced believe in selling human hair is like any other product.

This could not be further from the truth ! The extensions are not like any other product ... each hair is different , and the range of treatment methods , the origins of hair textures , lengths , grades and coloring .. Hair extensions are a very complicated and complex.

It would take many years to understand the structures of the mixture of human hair and hair in the business world itself, in order to correctly render human hair , sell are soft and naturally glowing finally free experience , stress, even in your hair receiver installed.

For all these reasons , it is very important that you know how to really live your dealer.

Unfortunately, many companies do not sell 100% Remy hair extensions because it is not only expensive, but the hair before very expensive to produce. Remy human hair extensions will perform adequately in a state of Remy are also very expensive for the buyer and you can not buy cheap . With the increasing competition in the industry, many providers competing to offer the extensions "cheap" are not secretly buy - cheap remy Indian hair or Chinese or mixed and sent as a high-quality real customers ignorant.

If your hair is really 100% Remy human hair , it is a worthwhile investment elsewhere essentially throwing money away .