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You are here: News / Why Remy Brazilian Hair is so popular
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Why Remy Brazilian Hair is so popular

With the fashion trend from celebrities, modern purchasers, super stars, Remy Brazilian Hair is almost the most widespread hair extension in the world. People who want to be more beautiful are chasing the fragrance of Remy Brazilian Hair. However, why Remy Brazilian Hair is so popular?

Remy Hair means all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction. Definitely, it will reduce the chance to get tangled. And the hair will relax in the natural layers.

Brazilian Hair is known for its softness, luster and duration. With the Brazilian Hair weft, people can get the long and natural hair installed instantly. For these hair extension users, the fusion technology and clips will easily help to add more volume, thickness and diverse color temporary.

Remy Brazilian Hair is also unprocessed. Without the chemical processed, the hair is fully preserved its characters and prolong the hair lifespan as much as possible. With correct maintenance, generally, it reaches minimum 12 months duration.

Another reason benefits the users is the easiness of styling the hair. Pursuit of beauty is women’s ultimate and life-long target. Remy Brazilian Hair can be easily permed, curled, blow-dried and dyed. But it’s better you hand over the work to your professional stylist, with whose proper maintenance and treatments, you can make longer use of the hair. When wash it, don’t forget to use warm water, neither too hot nor too cold. Don’t comb it until it’s dry. Shampoo and deep conditioner should be applied.

Price for Remy Brazilian Hair will be varied in different companies. When the price is too low, you have to be careful. Some so-called Remy Brazilian Hair is not Remy Hair at all. The price depends on the length and style. Because some styles will cost longer time and more labors. For example, Deep Wave will be much more complicated than Straight. But in order to make it simple to customers, most companies will supply different styles in same price. The hair expense also includes the professional stylists’ maintenance, like trim and installation, which will prolong the hair life-span.

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