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You are here: News / Why to buy brazilian hair extensions
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Why to buy brazilian hair extensions

Why the South American?

Virgin hair is rare in South America, which is why it is so expensive. Unlike Indian hair which is given as part of a religious ritual, Brazilian and Peruvian hair are collected from donors in the small towns that are paid to efforts to develop your natural hair.

The population of South America has over the centuries become a well integrated native native Indian and Spanish immigrants mixture sixteenth century, after the hair has the natural color of the winning combination of strength and body Indian associated with hair texture and softness of European hair.

But beware!

As mentioned?

The hair is collected from donors in the tail horse hair which was held in the same manner as in the cuticles do not rub against each other. This prevents any tendency to tangle and makes it very soft.

Hair very sold as "Indian and Chinese hair is made Brazilian retracted: if you find a job you can be almost certain that it is not authentic Brazilian.

Asian hair has the cuticle processed (or stairs) stripped not to rub, then coated with silicone to make it smooth as silk. Unfortunately, this silicon layer usually disappears after a few washes and the hair begins to tangle and lose their body.

Raw natural virgin hair has not been colored or no treatment and last a long time. The colors are limited to black or very dark brown standard output of his lighter, again, if you are offered a slightly lighter color 2, then it is almost certain that the Brazilian, or stained, then it will not be blank .

The American hair has a natural body with a light wave: why the first virgin hair can be curled, straightened or style just like your own hair and even dyed if that's what you want.

Brazilian hair Aphrodite comes from a small family business directly and Eduardo is the main buyer. Is obsessed with quality, and his last visit, he asked how he chooses his hair.

"Our customers really know their hair is a challenge for us - say no more hair than we buy, but we know all the hair that I have chosen is the best quality and will last for years" ..

Be sure to visit our website for more details on the Brazilian and Peruvian hair and how to take care of him.